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For anyone lucky enough to have a Guest Bedroom you all know how easy it is for these areas to end up as dumping grounds!!

Prime suspects

  • Things that we’ve bought and need to send back, but never have the time
  • Unwanted gifts that we hang onto in case that person comes round
  • Old luggage, even when you’ve got new luggage, why do we hang onto it??
  • Boxes of photos that we never look at, CD’s we’ll never play again

The list is endless. Once that door is shut we can forget about our mess, oh yes!

We helped our client by installing these wall to wall oak wardrobes so anything he wanted to hang onto could be hidden away. The teal silk curtains blended beautifully with the Birds of Paradise curtains by GP & J Baker. Having mirrored panels in the centre of the wardrobes reflected light back into what had been a very dark room.

We re-upholstered their existing headboards, supplied upholstered stools for the end of the beds and a casual armchair. A new neutral carpet and framed Oriental bird prints completed the Design Scheme.

As well as the satisfaction of a good sort out, this room could actually function as a Guest Bedroom again – result!